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Sports Com

Sports Complex


Prepared by:

Roy Pinder

2209 W Washington St

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012




Gym Time Hoops (GTH) (referred to from hereon in as the "Company") exploring the opportunity to create a basketball sports complex in Oklahoma City with the expectation of rapid expansion for student-athletes in the sports industry.


The collaboration of the programs with the establishment of a basketball gymnasium and learning center for the student athletes. GTH is prepared to introduce the following service to the market:

  • Basketball tournaments
  • Skills training
  • Sports education
  • Physical development
  • Soccer (Inddoor/Outdoor)
  • Nutrition

1) Basketball tournaments will a prominent service offering to potential customers, who will have the opportunity to develop their skills and grow as a team. 

2) Skills training will focus on the basic development of ball handling, passing, shooting, defense, and movement.

3) Sports education will improve the student understanding of the game along with concepts that will contribute to their play on the court. 

5) Physical development will help the students improve their bodies in the area of strength and versatility. 

6) The students will learn the value of nutrition and be educated on how education plays a vital role in the overall development of the student-athlete physically and mentally. 

5) Team building will be a big part of developing a culture that will focus on the following:
A) Awareness of self
B) Awareness of others
C) Building relationships
D) Management of time for development
E) Decision Making

7) Soccer will be introduced as another revenue driven sport. We project it will take our team six months to build this sport into a year-round revenue driven sport at the sports complex. 


Industry Overview 

In the United States, the sports/basketball industry presents lucrative opportunities to support the operational cost of running a facility while producing a profit. The facility will be used in the following manner to produce revenue. 


  • Basketball tournaments
  • Basketball leagues
  • Basketball camps
  • EPIC School games
  • Basketball skills training


Research shows that consumers in this industry primarily focus on the following when making purchasing decisions to participate in youth sports.

1) Strong educational environment

2) A culture that provides them the opportunity to grow physically and mentally through their athletic experience. 
3) A program that fosters organization and discipline on and off the sporting platform 
4) A program that is result oriented in successful graduation rate and some of the student-athletes advancing to college



Target Markets

The Company's major target markets are as follows:

Our target market will be students K - 12th Grade

The estimated number of potential clients within the Company's geographic scope is 33,000 that is currently enrolled in EPIC. 

Promotional Strategy

The Company will promote sales using the following methods:

The marketing plan will include a continuous advertising to the largest platform in youth basketball, strategic advertising to specific groups. We will target a very young audience to get them involve in our sports programs and nutrition. Hosting free basketball skills camps to introduce current and potential customers and make them aware of the potentials opportunities available to them. There will also be social media campaigns, print ads, setting up booths at various events around the state of Oklahoma to inform. 


First-rate service is intended to be the focus of the Company and a cornerstone of the brand's success. All clients will receive conscientious, one-on-one, timely service in all capacities, be they transactions, conflicts or complaints. This is expected to create a loyal brand following and adequate return for the business.