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The 48

The 48 basketball league is designed to truly give players, coaches, and parents a true life skill development experience. Club Coaches spend so much valuable time with youths in the years where they are so impressionable and could easily be influence. Well Gym Time Hoops has partnered with Mind Trotters to provide the ultimate experience through sports.  The following life skills based approach will be available for coaches, players, and parents. Each team will obtain a Synergy Score, through a survey. This synergy score will help provide the coaches with the tools needed to improve the overall development of their ability on the physical and mental.  They will identify the things such as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats a team faces and threatens their ability to be successful, based on the team results from the Synergy Score.  The goal here is to provide a blue print for the coach and or manager during the course of the league to develop synergy on and off the court.  

THE 48 will have 12 teams in the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th division playing in a travel circuit. There will three primary locations identified for the league to play their regular season games. At each location each team will play at least four games. 

Session Dates:

Oklahoma City April 13- 15, 2018

Wichita Kansas May 4-6, 2018

Oklahoma City July 6-8, 2018 (finals) as part of the National tournament


Each league session there will be a theme for all participants. Each theme will contribute to the growth of the team and help them improve the growth of synergy in their environment.  For example, session one will be “No I in Team”. A short video will be shared for the respective individuals to view and it’s the job of the coaches/Manages ensure that their players watch the video and have a discussion about it as part of the growth towards synergy.  

The focus of The 48 will be to create a cultural shift on how our youths view team sports. Each team will not only be a part of a basketball league, but share in a true team experience like they never have before. The learning experience will give your student/athletes the edge you have been looking for, as you invest your time and money.  

Important information about The 48 League

  • Compete against top teams from the US
  • Great exposure by various media
  • Games Streamed Live (Baller.TV)
  • Opportunity to get an Elite 50 invite
  • League ranking system
  • Synergy score (Will help coaches/Manages understand the SWOT (Strength/Weakness/Opportunities/Threats for the team)
  • Synergy Leadership guide
  • An animated movie (10 Minutes) on Team Work in a story about the Mind Trotters
  • Power Rankings
  • Each sessions there will be players and team acknowledgement