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Big Event Tip-Off 2018 Report

04/21/2018, 12:45pm CDT
By Roy Pinder

The Big Event Tip-Off was another fantastic event..

OK Swarm Girls 9U Champs 

The Swarm played a good brand of basketball, spacing the floor well and making their lay ups and moved the ball well. 

Athletes First Girls 12U Champs

These young ladies are very fundamentally sound and understands the sound concepts of the game. Great team ball all around.

Future Elite 14U Girls Champs

The future elite girls was fun to watch, they got after it on defense and executed well in transition. This group will continue to get better over time. 

BGCOKC 9U Boys Champ

BGCOKC was tough and played well trough out the process. Tough on defense and moved the ball well, fun team to watch. 

B 10/11U Champs Phenom Elite

This group is tough as nails and plays a good style of basketball. They space the floor well and sound fundamentally. Emerging as a competitive national team.


GTH 4XIII 12U Boys Champs

GTH is a very fundamental team that knows how to play at an elite level, they move the ball well and good team IQ. Future is bright for this team. 


GTH 4XIII 13U Boys Champs

This team simply highly skilled and just was ahead of the other teams in the division. They played down hill and played well as a team and great basketball IQ.

The Process  Boys 14U Champs

The process was tough all through the tournament, they played a good brand of team basketball on both ends of the floor. 

GTH 4XIII Prime 2021 Boys HS 1 Champs

GTH 4XIII 2021 Prime showed a great deal of toughness during the tournament. They get up in you defensively and also shot the ball consistently well.

GTH 4XIII 2019 HS Boys 2 Champs

This squad was just bigger and much more physical than many of their opponents. Their defense was exhaustive at times for the opponents to contend with. This team also shot the ball well. 

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